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A Home Addition and Remodel of Historic House in Lanham, MD

Remodeling and Adding to a Historic Lanham, MD One-Room Schoolhouse

Client Name:


Project Location:

Lanham, MD

Project Summary

The homeowners and their two children were living in the house the husband had grown up in. The goal was to keep the original feel of the old one-room schoolhouse, while updating the interior, and adding a 2-car garage, family room, and basement wine cellar to the historic house.

Project Challenges

The most challenging aspect of this home addition and remodel was getting everything to fit into a confined ceiling height (about seven feet) in the basement. We also needed to special order materials for the 16-foot wide garage door.

The Vision

The homeowners wanted something bigger for the entire family to enjoy. The children had been using the finished attic as their sleeping area and one goal was to create another bedroom in the basement for the son to use as his bedroom. The attic, which did not require any work, then become the daughter’s bedroom.

The Execution

The house remodel started with the basement. What was the old garage under the original part of the house was converted into the son’s bedroom. Rather than install carpet over top of the concrete, we put a sleeper floor in the old garage, which raised and insulated it. We also remodeled the existing makeshift bathroom to make it more user-friendly, putting in a new shower, toilet, pedestal sink, and drywall. We used bamboo flooring through and carpeted the bedroom.

Next, we added on a two-car garage with a large family room above. This home addition is adjacent to the existing living and dining rooms and was built with the same 10-foot ceilings as the original house. The kitchen, which is next to the dining room, was not remodeled. Other steps we took:


The painted wood-based metal clad windows we installed are modern, but were special ordered so to complement the home’s architecture. We worked hard to locate materials that would give the homeowners the look they were after, and it’s hard to tell they are energy efficient windows!

We really felt it was important to go the extra mile in finding materials that were true to the home’s historic origins. We installed hand-bent metal roofing to match the original standing seam metal roof, and the installation and application methods we used are all period-correct original. We were also able to match all the interior millwork by removing some pieces from the windows and baseboard and taking them to a custom millwork shop to be duplicated.

The Wine Cellar

There was some space under the steps leading down into the basement and the client, who loves collecting wines, decided to use it for wine storage. Basements are excellent locations for wine storage because they’re naturally cool. We took a door from another part of the house, cut it down to fit the tiny opening under the stairs, and then put in low-voltage lighting. We also built custom wine racks that hold about 150 bottles.

Finally, we made an opening in the cinder block wall and put in a window. Although located under the outdoor deck, it still lets in a lot of natural light.


Addition and Remodel of Historic House in Lanham MD wine cellar



Addition and Remodel of Historic House in Lanham MD wine cellar

Du Paul Construction Comments

The coolest thing about this project was that it was a one-room historic school house that was originally located across the street. At some point, a foundation was built and the house was successfully moved by the homeowner’s parents across the street and set on the foundation. The owner himself had grown up in the house, then bought it so he and his wife could raise their family there.

We’re proud of the remodeling work we did maintaining the original home’s appearance. Because the original house had a block foundation, we did the same for the addition and it’s very difficult to tell it wasn’t there all along. The same can be said for the gas fireplace addition in the new family room – you would never know it was not original to the house!

Client Testimonial

We hired DuPaul Construction to build a 400-square foot addition over a two-car garage onto our 115-year old house. We really wanted the home addition to look like it was part of the original house. DuPaul did an excellent job solving problems related to adding to a very old structure. The company’s previous experience working on historic properties was evident. We later hired DuPaul to refinish two bathrooms at our condominium in Ocean City, Maryland.         “T.H.”


A Bathroom Remodel in Shenandoah Junction, WV: Renovating For An Updated Look

A Complete Bathroom Remodel Delivers Style and Function to a Shenandoah Junction, WV Home


Project Location

Shenadoah Junction, WV

Project Summary

The homeowners wanted their builder-grade master bathroom totally transformed. Everything had to go: the corner garden tub they never used, the small vanity sink, old tile floor, and the small fiberglass shower unit.  

Project Challenges

Despite being a total bathroom gut and remodel, there were no major challenges with this project. The new layout remained basically the same as the old, though we did gain some floor space between the tub and shower by replacing the corner tub with a freestanding one. We also replaced all the plumbing, which is typical for an older bath remodel.

There was no homeowner inconvenience with the bathroom being renovated, as there was another bathroom available upstairs, as well as a powder room on the first floor.

The Vision

Before the Bathroom Renovation


After: A Complete Bathroom Remodel


The clients’ home is a modern, 1990s 2-story colonial in a development with nice, large wooded lots. They were ready to make over the less-than-stellar family bath, which had been outfitted with lower quality fixtures and flooring. The tub and shower were, for the most part, unused, and the family of three wanted a hall bathroom they would actually enjoy using. We designed a beautiful, stylish bathroom that better reflected the family’s lifestyle.

The Execution of the Bathroom Remodel



No bath remodel is “easy,” but a total renovation project can often be less complicated, as it allows the designers and homeowners to start with a blank canvas. That was the case with this Shenandoah Junction WV job, where everything was removed prior to construction. We took out the corner tub, shower and vanity, and pulled up all the old flooring.


Once the space was taken down to its bare bones, we removed one wall section that was originally part of the shower unit. A 42-inch square frameless clear glass shower unit was installed at a 90-degree angle, and we built a 6-inch titled ledge on each side. The shower floor is white mosaic and the walls are a subway pattern white tile. The shower was finished off with a standard shower head and fixtures, as well as a custom-built tiled alcove for bath products.

Other features from the bathroom renovation include:

  • A light above the shower.
  • New double sink vanity.
  • New lighting above the vanity.
  • 12×24-inch porcelain tile flooring.


Finally, we installed a freestanding tub. The subway pattern tile was continued on the wall between the shower and tub and over the tub itself.  The black and grey glass mosaic accent strip adds a classic look to the room and nicely complements the grey tile flooring.

The result is an attractive remodeled bathroom the entire family can now enjoy.

DuPaul Construction Comments

This project proceeded smoothly and communication with the clients was open and constructive. One of our favorite features is the porcelain tile floor. We like to recommend porcelain to our clients because it is much harder than ceramic and won’t crack as easily if something is dropped on it, such as a hairdryer.

This is now a beautiful, stylish bathroom that’s also practical and functional. The big window lets in a lot of natural light and, coupled with the completely glass shower and lovely white walls, the room now has a warm, inviting feel and look. What was once a bland utilitarian bathroom was renovated to really pop!


Kitchen Remodeling In A Historic Shepherdstown WV Home

A Historic Shepherdstown Kitchen Gets Remodeled for an Updated Look that Stays True to Home’s Roots

Project Location

Shepherdstown, WV

Project Summary

A young couple was looking for an updated kitchen space for their historic home in Sherpherdstown, WV. They wanted it to be stylish, comfortable and functional, but not “modern” looking.

Project Challenges

This remodel had none of the big surprises, such as crooked floors, that often appear with historic homes. Of course, the biggest challenge with any historic home renovation is making the remodeled space feel like it has always been a part of the house. One small challenge was finding a good, available spot for the microwave, which the clients didn’t want on the countertop.

The Vision

Shepherdstown, WV Kitchen Remodel Case Study Johnson

The young couple who own this historic Shepherdstown WV home hired us to take a cheaply-done previous remodel and come up with a design that would turn it into a stylish yet comfortable space that better reflected their lifestyle and did justice to the home’s heritage.

The previous owners had done a “big-box” remodel that included white low-end plastic-coated particle board cabinets and dingy Formica countertops. The flooring, however, was made of good pine and was in great shape. We took extra care to protect it from the start so it wouldn’t get scratched.

The Kitchen Remodel 

Shepherdstown, WV Kitchen Remodel Case Study Johnson

One of the first changes we made was to remove the drywall that had been put around the old chimney, making it look like a clunky box along one of the walls. We stripped it down to the natural brick and made it a focal point of the room. It also tied it nicely with the brick wall that already existed to the right of the stove (pictured above). We finished the look of the kitchen remodel by covering the chimney’s stovepipe thimble with a copper pie plate.

Shepherdstown, WV Kitchen Remodel Case Study Johnson

Continuing the copper theme, we hung a pots and pan rack on the brick wall and the homeowners hung a nice selection of copper pans there. We also installed a copper farm sink with motif apron and centered it under the window.

The home has a separate dining room, so no separate area was designated for a table and chairs. The homeowners instead chose a center table that could be used for food prep. Two bar chairs were placed where the top of the prep table hung over the base.

The homeowners had requested we find a place off the counter for the microwave. We solved this by removing one of the built-in drawers in the center table and building a frame inside to house the microwave. Happily, there was already a floor outlet there!

Other design choices and features included:

  • Relocating the stove to the opposite side of the sink, making it more functional. A copper range hood was also installed.
  • The ceiling lights were changed to make prep work at the counter easier.
  • All electric was upgraded but redid only the kitchen plumbing.
  • Crown moulding was added to the top of the cabinets.
  • A light-colored granite countertop with a lot of grain beautifully complements the brick and copper details.
  • The backsplash is 4” square tiles of tumbled travertine marble with a center accent strip.


Shepherdstown, WV Kitchen Remodel Case Study Johnson

Finally, the originally bright yellow walls were painted a steel blue and bright white was used for the moulding.

DuPaul Construction Comments

This is a beautiful home located in the historic downtown district of Shepherdstown on a half-acre lot. Older homes have amazing character traits and historical features that make them fun, though sometimes challenging, projects.

One of the cool things we enjoyed when remodeling this kitchen involved the back porch that had been closed in. It houses the washer, dryer and other utility-type stuff and there was a full glass door between it and the kitchen. To the left of the door was a window so that looking out the homeowners saw the machines.

We decided to take out the windows sashes, but left the jamb and molding on the inside of the kitchen. We built a cabinet-grade box to go inside the window frame. An old door that matched others throughout the house was found in the attic. It perfectly fit the width of the window and we cut it down to the height of the window. We also also installed antique hardware on it. The result was a period-appropriate pantry with a contemporary update: a wine rack beneath it.

Shepherdstown, WV Kitchen Remodel Case Study Johnson

This is a great example of mixing old and new features in a historic home remodel, which can be very appealing. Just because a home is older, you don’t have to everything have the look of the original era. Design rules can be broken, especially when it comes to decorating. An older home does not need to be filled with antiques.


Home Remodeling and a Two-Story Addition in Martinsburg, WV

Project Location

Martinsburg, WV

Project Summary: Home Remodeling in Martinsburg, WV

A broken bathroom pipe caused extensive damage to this at-the-time occasionally-occupied retirement home. When the homeowners learned what the insurance would cover to bring everything back to its original condition, they decided to do a whole house remodel instead. The home remodel was done in three distinct phases over two years and included a new kitchen, bathroom upgrades, an addition, a new master bedroom deck, and new detached garage.

Project Challenges

Despite the large scope of remodeling an entire home, there were very few challenges to overcome. The addition required a relocation of the external heat pump units and closing in a basement foundation window. Even the fact that the homeowners were living in another state during the length of the project was not a problem. We were able to easily communicate by phone and email, and the entire job ran smoothly.

The Vision

Home remodeling in Martinsburg WV


The home remodeling was done in three stages: an upgrade after the water damage; the two-story detached garage; and the two-story addition, which encompassed a library and workout room.

At the time the work was being done, the clients still resided in New Jersey in a house with a very similar floor plan, but would be shortly retiring to Martinsburg, West Virginia. Their daughter and grandchildren live nearby and there was extended family both north and south of the area. The idea was to “transfer” their New Jersey home to West Virginia. They planned all along to do the addition, but until the water accident, had not intended to redo the interior.

Main House Upgrade  

Water from a burst upstairs master bathroom pipe damaged approximately 70% of this 4-year old home’s interior. The kitchen and two bathrooms were badly damaged, as was the basement ceiling and carpeting. There was also substantial flooring damage throughout.

Kitchen Remodeling

From_Insurance_Repair_to_Gorgeous_Retirement_Home west virginia


The kitchen linoleum was replaced with oak flooring and the Formica countertops were removed. We then:

  • Reconfigured the existing and added additional ceiling lighting.
  • Pendant lights were installed over the bar area, which added a nice touch of character to the room.
  • The old cherry-finished cabinets were replaced with new cream-colored ones, except for those on the island, which were black.
  • A heavy-grained granite was used on the island, while solid black was used for all other counters.

We also built a beautiful custom pot and pan rack.  

Bathroom Remodeling 

From_Insurance_Repair_to_Gorgeous_Retirement_Home west virginia


Two bathrooms sustained water damage when the homeowners were away from Martinsburg, WV, but we remodeled all four bathrooms:

  • Bath #1: In the powder room near the kitchen, we removed the pedestal sink and installed a vanity with a granite countertop, replaced all the fixtures, put in all new moldings, and installed Carrara marble mosaic flooring.
  • Bath #2: The damaged master bathroom was completely redone. We repaired the broken pipe and then removed and replaced the tile around the Jacuzzi tub, adding a dark brown glass tile accent strip in the wall sections. The vinyl floor was replaced with 6×24” dark brown porcelain tiles that, when bathroom remodeling is done right, looks like textured woodgrain flooring.
  • Bath #3: The hall bathroom was remodeled much like the master, except we used the existing tub. New tile, without the accent strip, was installed and the original vanities put back in place. The flooring was the same as that in the master bath.
  • Bath #4: This bathroom was not damaged, but the clients wanted all the bathrooms to be remodeled to have the same look and style. We installed the same wood-look porcelain tile flooring, a new vanity, a complementing shower door and new fixtures.

Whenever we install new tile floors in a bathroom, we first apply a waterproof membrane sealer which functions as a sealant, stand-alone crack suppressant, and moisture barrier for hard surface, resilient, and wood flooring. 

A New Master Bedroom Deck

The new upstairs master bedroom deck was actually the first job we did for this client. The 12×16 foot deck was built from scratch and the clients wanted it to be maintenance free:

  • Double windows were removed and double french doors were installed.
  • The deck was framed with pressure treated lumber.
  • A cedar-color composite decking material was used.
  • White PVC trim was added around the outside and wrapped around the posts.
  • A while vinyl handrail was installed.

Smaller Home Remodeling Jobs on this Martinsburg, WV Home

Other, smaller jobs in the main house included replacing the laundry room’s vinyl flooring with porcelain tile, adding a laundry room sink, and repurposing some of the kitchen cabinets for storage in this space. In the basement, we repaired the ceiling damage, installed lighting for a pool table, replaced the carpeting, and applied fresh paint.

Finally, the home has a 2-story foyer which originally had a very small chandelier light. We installed a 3-foot diameter, 4-foot tall antique brass chandelier with 24 light bulbs in its place. We also installed a chandelier lowering device in the attic which is operated by a switch on the second floor. Now, changing lightbulbs is an easy task!

The Garage

From_Insurance_Repair_to_Gorgeous_Retirement_Home west virginia


The new detached garage was originally scheduled to be the first phase of the project, but the burst pipe delayed it until after the main house remodel was completed. The main house already had a two-car attached garage. This second car-and-a-half garage was designed and built for storage and for housing the homeowner’s antique car.

Our goal here was to make the garage look like it had been there all along. We matched the main house’s roof shingles, siding, and windows, and installed double doors on the back for easy storage of the riding lawn mower. The garage has a 10-foot ceiling and we installed steps to a second floor storage area.

A Two-Story Addition 

From_Insurance_Repair_to_Gorgeous_Retirement_Home west virginia


The Martinsburg, WV homeowners wanted to add a two-story addition off the dining room side of the house that would include a library downstairs and an exercise space upstairs. The focal point of the library is the centered fireplace with antique mantle, slightly raised hearth, and gas insert.

The library has the same oak flooring as the rest of the house; oak-colored laminate was used in the exercise area to avoid damage from the workout equipment. The 12 x 24-foot exercise room was contained within the pitch of the roof and we installed two completely finished closets.

To learn more about two-story additions, check out our home additions page.

Other features on the two-story addition included:

  • Floor to ceiling custom bookshelves with a wide base and crown molding, all of which were constructed of white pine, which was stained.
  • Double-wide glass pocket doors off the dining room, and another set of pocket doors leading to the upstairs exercise room.
  • A box bay window with window seat on the front side of the house. The seat was hinged so blankets could be stored inside.
  • Opposite the fireplace the owners installed a beautiful hinged, backlit shadow box with stained glass panel.
  • Dormers were built at the front of the exercise area, and high, long and skinny windows at the back of the house were used for letting in the ambient light while providing usable wall space and privacy.
  • Recessed lighting was installed throughout 

We also added a separate heating system for the two-story addition.

DuPaul Construction Comments

One of our favorite features were the dark brown porcelain tiles used in the bathrooms. There’s an art to installing these tiles, as the grout must be the exact right size to make them look like textured woodgrain flooring. We were also happy to be able to get our clients reimbursement from their insurance company for black mold infested sub-flooring we discovered and needed to replace in the master bath.

This was a very smooth project, which we attribute to the great long-distance communication we had with the clients and the high-quality craftsmanship involved.

Client Testimonial

“Vince and his crew did a fantastic job with the renovation of our home. Vince saved us a lot of stress by taking on the responsibility of communication with the insurance company and getting us the best dollar value to replace what was destroyed. Every member of Vince’s crew was very professional and pleasant to work with. The quality of their work is tremendous. I cannot say enough good things about DuPaul Construction. In this day and age, with as expensive as things are, I can depend on getting the work done with quality workmanship, professional and thoughtful help, and at an affordable price.”


5 Interesting Ways to Remodel Your Basement

Is your basement damp, dark, and way too cold to do anything with? You can change that! Your basement is valuable square footage in your home, and with the right remodeling team and a few ideas, you can create something unique and enjoyable for the entire family.

Create a Home Theater

Because basements usually only have small windows that are easy to cover up, they are the perfect place to design and install your very own movie theater. All you need is a good projector, the right type of screen, and some great seating.

If you have some money to spend, you can purchase high-quality home theater seats at most stores, or if you prefer a more affordable alternative, use pallets to create your own stadium seating area. Cover them in comfortable cushions, blankets, and pillows. A popcorn maker and snack and drink counter in the corner will complete the look.

Design the Perfect Game Room

Maybe your family prefers to game. Your basement probably offers enough space for video gaming, board games, and even billiards or air hockey. Add a television and comfortable seating on either end of the room if you have multiple gaming consoles and fill in the center with a table for board or card games and anything else you can think of. This type of redesign is another great place to include an area for snacks and drinks.

Turn It Into a Man or Woman Cave

Or, if you and your spouse can’t agree on who gets the space, add a room divider so you each have your own area. Whether you like movies, gaming, collecting action figures, scrapbooking, makeup, or any other range of hobbies, the basement is the perfect space for you to set up areas dedicated specifically to your hobbies.

Add Some Extra Bedrooms

In some cases, the basement’s structure allows for separate rooms to be created. Maybe you have three kids, but you also only have three bedrooms upstairs. If your children are getting old enough that they’d prefer to have their own space, turn the basement into an extra bedroom or two. If the layout allows for it, you could even install another bathroom for added convenience.

Earn Rental Income

Maybe you’ve been looking for a way to earn some extra income. If your basement has a private entrance, it could be the perfect apartment. For a small basement, a small living and sleeping area, a kitchenette, and a private bathroom would be perfect.

If your basement is very large, adding a separate bedroom, or two, increases the value even more. Of course, if you do decide to use the space as a rental unit, be sure you are in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws, and always do extensive background checks on anyone who will be living on your property.

Your basement doesn’t have to be the scary place at the bottom of the stairs, and you don’t have to rush through doing laundry in a cold, uninviting space. Hire DuPaul Construction to help you design something amazing!


Part 2: 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Beginning a Home Remodeling Project

As everyone knows, remodeling your home is a significant commitment, both of time and of your valuable financial resources. Even a seemingly small project can be more intensive than you might realize. There are five important questions you should ask your contractor before beginning any home renovations. The answers to these questions can save you a lot of stress, energy, and money.

Question 1: Can This Project Reasonably Be Completed on the Schedule We Have Set?

Obviously, some jobs will take longer than others, but a good contractor will be able to give you an accurate time frame. You should know the day your project will be complete by going in. Of course, unexpected problems may occur, but these unforeseen eventualities should be taken into account by the contractor.

At DuPaul Construction, we take great pride in completing our projects on time and within the set budget. We will always alert you to any unexpected challenges and will deal with them immediately so that we do not get behind schedule.

Question 2: What Will the Job Look Like While It Is in Progress?

The construction crew will have lots of equipment and material to complete the job. Where will they store it? What will they do with it when they finish for the night? Will you be able to use the room or area of the house that is being worked on, or will it be closed off? The day-to-day practicalities of what the job will actually look like are important to know so you can plan your life accordingly and avoid more inconvenience than necessary.

Question 3: What Will I Be Expected to Provide for the Crew?

The construction crew will vary in size, depending on the size of the job, but they will require things like restrooms and places to eat their lunch. Asking about these things ahead of time will ensure your contractor can make the logistics as convenient for you and your family as possible.

Question 4: What Time Will You Begin and End Work Each Day?

This question may seem obvious, but projects can vary based on a lot of factors, including neighbors, local noise ordinances, and family preferences. If you would prefer a later or earlier start time and it is feasible for the crew, or if you need them to take a break for an hour in the afternoon for a child’s nap time, it is important to be upfront about all of these issues ahead of time.

Question 5: Do You Foresee Any Complications?

Again, this question may seem obvious, but many people overlook it. Your contractor is experienced with projects just like yours, and you should take advantage of this wealth of knowledge to avoid common pitfalls.

If you are ready to open a dialogue about your future remodeling project, we at DuPaul Construction are standing by. We are here to make the experience from beginning to end the best experience possible for you!


Part 1: Planning Your Remodeling Project

Whether you are embarking on a remodeling project for you entire home, or simply one room, it is vital to have a clear plan of what you want to accomplish and when you want to accomplish it. Your contractor can help you with this, but it is important to have as clear a picture in your mind as possible before you even begin the remodeling process.

Develop a Wish List

The first step in planning an effective and cost-efficient remodeling project is developing a wish list. An effective wish list will have three distinct sections: “Must Haves,” “Wants,” and “Eventually.” Every project that must be done or that you would like to do on your home will fall under one of these categories.

Must Haves

With your partner, sit down and list everything, no matter how big or little, that you would like to accomplish on all future remodeling projects. The vital projects that must be taken care of immediately will be placed under the “Must Haves” section of the list. This will include broken appliances that need to be replaced, issues with code compliance, or taking care of safety issues that could cause harm or illness to your family.

Obviously, “Must Haves” must take top priority; therefore, it is important to know in advance which projects are not optional. These projects will add resale value to your home and make it more beautiful, but their primary concern is making sure your home is livable and safe for everyone.


The “Wants” section of the list might be the most difficult to fill out. This portion of the wish list is for projects that do not affect the safety and welfare of your family but are more urgent and more desirable than “Eventually” projects.

For example, the exterior of your home may not need to be painted, but if the paint is old and chipping away badly, it would probably be desirable to paint the house before adding a pool. However, in some instances, adding a pool may be more desirable than another project. This list will vary a lot depending on your particular situation and your budget.


The “Eventually” portion of the wish list is arguably the most fun to fill out. This is where you get to write down all of the pie-in-the-sky ideas you would do if time and money were no object. Perhaps you will get to them, perhaps you will not.
Believe it or not, this is an important exercise. Placing items on this list will help you solidify in your own mind what your final goal for your home is, as well as how important each element of that plan is to you. You may discover you do not want to complete certain jobs as much as you thought you did, and you may discover that certain other jobs need to take priority for reasons you had not taken into account before.

Once you have this list, you can consult with your contractor. They will be able to help you refine it further based on the budget you have to work with, and you will be able to complete your remodeling projects in an order that makes financial sense.

If you think you are ready to embark on the exciting journey of remodeling your home, contact us at DuPaul Construction today! We are here to make your dreams come true!


Home Addition Tips

At Dupaul Construction, we know all there is to know about estimating, planning, and building a home addition. To ensure that you can have a successful project from start to finish, we decided to share some of our expertise on the subject.

Here’s our list of essential home addition tips:

1. Writing Down Ideas

It’s well worth it to take some time early in the process to write down exactly why you want to add on to your home. At the same time, you should be jotting down all of your design ideas. Don’t be picky at this point, just record any ideas that feel like realistic possibilities. Having a wide range of options on paper will give a contractor an in-depth look at your overall vision.

2. Setting Priorities

To make that list of potential ideas even more valuable, you should separate the must-have items from the maybes. Reorganizing the list in order of priority will come in handy if you should have to make some cuts due to budget constraints later in the process.

3. Setting a Budget

Deciding how much you’re willing to spend is easy, but actually estimating the cost of materials, labor, and some of the smaller details so you can maximize your spending power is a usually a job for professionals. Come up with an overall number that works for you, but find a contractor who specializes in additions, home remodeling & renovations in Martinsburg, WV to help you set an itemized budget that will guide the project.

4. Inspecting Your Home

Surprises can be expensive when they interrupt a home addition project. That’s why it’s best to identify potential issues like inadequate HVAC systems, termite damage, etc. before construction gets started. Have your contractor give your home a thorough inspection in the early stages.

5. Planning for Disruptions

Your typical home routine is likely to be disrupted by ongoing construction. Schedule the project for a time of year that is most convenient for your family. Planning ahead to match construction time with the family being away on vacation would be an ideal scenario.

6. Informing Neighbors

It’s often a good idea to let your neighbors know that contractors will be working on your home. It’s unlikely they will be directly impacted, but giving them a heads up will be appreciated and will help ensure any kids and pets are kept safe around the work area.

Armed with these tips, you will be in great shape to pull off the perfect home addition. For more helpful information on add-on projects, check out this blog from a contractor specializing in luxury home remodeling in Denver.

To speak with a Martinsburg contractor about planning and budgeting for a home addition project, contact Dupaul Construction today!


How to Budget For A Home Remodeling Project

Home remodeling is a major endeavor. No matter what your financial situation, you must make certain that you have a set amount put aside. Developing a budget can be confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming. A budget makes it possible to enjoy life while achieving your remodeling dreams. Take the below suggestions into consideration to lower your stress levels when budgeting your remodeling project.

Get Some Paper and Writing Utensils

Nothing beats the old standby of writing information down on paper. Use a pencil, because the information will likely change throughout your budgeting process. Many remodeling experts recommend having a spiral-bound notebook handy to update information whenever needed.

Know Your Expenses

These are your daily living costs needed to survive. This includes mortgage or rent payments, utilities, insurance, car payments, clothing, medical and dental, credit card payments, commuting costs, repairs and maintenance, plus food. Always write down the highest figure, just to be safe. This is known as the worst-case scenario. It is something you hope will not happen, but need to take into consideration just in case.

Set aside an amount for incidental or recreational expenses. Membership dues, socializing activities, and dining out are always welcome treats. You need to include an estimated amount in your expense figure.

Know Your Income

That may sound silly, but income is an ever-changing revenue stream. This is especially true if you are self-employed, freelance, or have a variety of income sources.

Find your bank statements, investment statements, retirement information, and other such data. Record your income in your budget software or on your hard copy source.

Utilize Accounting or Bookkeeping Software

There are many bookkeeping and/or accounting software programs available to suit many needs. If you have zero experience working with budgets, find a program that is geared towards users with minimal financial history. QuickBooks is one example. The cost is so minimal and the timesavings are well worth the expense. Many families use software to organize and control their finances.

Software is ideal for categorizing and listing all the details. You can even print out a financial statement reflecting your current financial resources.

Get a Free Estimate

A respectable, qualified home remodeling provider—like DuPaul Construction —will offer free estimates. It is the ideal way to see if the company has what you are seeking. You can also evaluate whether or not the contractor is a good fit. A contractor, remember, is a direct reflection of the company. Ask the contractor for a range of costs, from the lowest to the highest.

Always have a budget when hiring a home remodeling company. You and your contractor will benefit. For more information on a reputable contractor that offers services for all budgets, visit


Advantages of Basement Remodeling

Every homeowner, at some point or another, has thought about remodeling his or her home. Whether that entails fixing your kitchen, or making over your bathroom, a new room can breathe new life into your home.

But, it is not always feasible, nor recommended, that you remodel your home all at the same time. Most professional contractors, such as DuPaul Construction, suggest you choose one room in your home to begin your remodeling project. And one of the best—and easiest—ways to add comfort and room to a home is to refinish your basement.

Extra Room

Remodeling your basement is a great way to increase the square footage of your home, which is a nice additional selling point, if you are ever in the position of selling your property. It is also a nice way to add bathrooms or bedrooms; thereby giving your kids—or your significant other—rooms of their own within the home.

By partnering with a trusted construction company, like DuPaul Construction, you will be consulted on all aspects of your basement remodeling. This includes the layout, any plumbing or electrical work, flooring, lighting, and painting decisions. All of these choices can then lay out the design plan you have for the rest of your home.

Entertainment Space

Choosing to use your remodeled basement as an entertainment space allows for creative decisions within your own home. With a finished basement, you could build your very own movie theater or bar in your home, complete with all the accessories that you love.

Depending on your entertainment choices and your budget, DuPaul Construction can work with you to give you the best experience available at home. From creating a lounge atmosphere to building you a soundproof movie theater, a consultation with the experts at DuPaul Construction will set you on the path to having a home entertainment suite that puts other venues to shame.

Alternatively, if you and your family enjoy entertaining guests with a dinner party or a casual gathering of adult friends, you may think about building a lounge atmosphere, complete with a built-in bar and a casual layout. This will give your family a separate place to entertain throughout the year, and might even become the focal point of your social circle, if designed correctly and with your needs in mind!

Increasing the Value of Your Home

If you are remodeling your home before selling it, refinishing your basement is a great way to add value to your property. By remodeling the basement, you are adding livable square footage and the potential for extra rooms, which can elevate your home’s value on the open market.

It is important to remember that remodeling your basement prior to putting it on the market is best done by a professional team. A company like DuPaul Construction is qualified to do electrical and plumbing work that will be up to code and will pass inspection by potential homeowners.

Undertaking a full remodeling of your home is a costly endeavor that will take months, or even a year, to complete. But if you choose to begin your remodeling project with your basement, you will be amazed by the results—and the advantages—that will be afforded you. Get in contact with DuPaul Construction today to learn more about remodeling your basement.