Whether you are embarking on a remodeling project for you entire home, or simply one room, it is vital to have a clear plan of what you want to accomplish and when you want to accomplish it. Your contractor can help you with this, but it is important to have as clear a picture in your mind as possible before you even begin the remodeling process.

Develop a Wish List

The first step in planning an effective and cost-efficient remodeling project is developing a wish list. An effective wish list will have three distinct sections: “Must Haves,” “Wants,” and “Eventually.” Every project that must be done or that you would like to do on your home will fall under one of these categories.

Must Haves

With your partner, sit down and list everything, no matter how big or little, that you would like to accomplish on all future remodeling projects. The vital projects that must be taken care of immediately will be placed under the “Must Haves” section of the list. This will include broken appliances that need to be replaced, issues with code compliance, or taking care of safety issues that could cause harm or illness to your family.

Obviously, “Must Haves” must take top priority; therefore, it is important to know in advance which projects are not optional. These projects will add resale value to your home and make it more beautiful, but their primary concern is making sure your home is livable and safe for everyone.


The “Wants” section of the list might be the most difficult to fill out. This portion of the wish list is for projects that do not affect the safety and welfare of your family but are more urgent and more desirable than “Eventually” projects.

For example, the exterior of your home may not need to be painted, but if the paint is old and chipping away badly, it would probably be desirable to paint the house before adding a pool. However, in some instances, adding a pool may be more desirable than another project. This list will vary a lot depending on your particular situation and your budget.


The “Eventually” portion of the wish list is arguably the most fun to fill out. This is where you get to write down all of the pie-in-the-sky ideas you would do if time and money were no object. Perhaps you will get to them, perhaps you will not.
Believe it or not, this is an important exercise. Placing items on this list will help you solidify in your own mind what your final goal for your home is, as well as how important each element of that plan is to you. You may discover you do not want to complete certain jobs as much as you thought you did, and you may discover that certain other jobs need to take priority for reasons you had not taken into account before.

Once you have this list, you can consult with your contractor. They will be able to help you refine it further based on the budget you have to work with, and you will be able to complete your remodeling projects in an order that makes financial sense.

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