Residential Custom Painting Services in Martinsburg, WV

Everyone wants their home to look great both inside and out. DuPaul Construction offers interior and exterior painting services that promise to transform your home. Homeowners throughout Berkeley County trust the integrity, experience, and expertise our professional painters bring to painting projects. From accurate, detailed estimates through cleanup, we take enormous pride in helping homeowners enhance, protect and rejuvenate their Martinsburg, WV area homes.

Our residential painting services are defined by courtesy, care, and capability. That means our painters can handle any interior or exterior residential painting project with an unmatched level of professionalism. Our painting services are structured around your wishes and needs. Whether you want to protect the exterior from the elements or switch up the interior color palette, we do it all. While working on your Martinsburg, WV area home, our painters display the highest level of efficiency and trustworthiness, with a minimum of disruption to your family’s daily routine.

Just what makes our painting services different from all the rest?

  • Experience: We have painted countless area homes for more than 30 years.
  • Efficiency: Our years of experience have honed and fine-tuned our skills, process and speed.
  • Committed Craftsmen: Our residential painting team is made up of dedicated, invested employees who take your home seriously and treat it with the same respect they do their own. We may work quickly, but that doesn’t mean we lower our standards. Our reputation is extremely important to us, as is your home.
  • Peace of Mind: We are fully licensed and insured.
  • Property Protection – We care for more than your home’s painted exterior and interior surfaces. We also protect your landscaping, walkways, flooring and carpeting, furniture, and any other valuable belongings.
  • A Focus on You: Our reputation may be built on quality service, but it relies on our happy clients, who we hope will refer us to family and friends. We treat you as we would hope to be treated ourselves.

Interior Painting

Our interior residential painting process begins with a walk-through of your home. We then provide you with a carefully detailed budget. When you’re ready to move forward, we work with you to schedule a start date and time. We build our schedule around your family’s life, not the other way around. We’ll work whatever times are most convenient for you. The painting process itself follows a standard course:

  • Our crew moves large furniture and wall decorations to the center of the room and covers everything with plastic.
  • The floors are then also covered with paper, drop cloths, and/or plastic.
  • All curtains, blinds, shades, wall mounted speakers, and electrical plate covers are removed.
  • Any sheetrock cracks are fixed.
  • Painting of walls and trim is completed.
  • Cleanup includes removing all paper, tape, and plastic.
  • Furniture is moved back to its original location, art is returned to the walls, and other furnishings are put back in place.
  • We do a final walk-through and perform any needed touchups.

When you bring DuPaul in to do your interior painting, you get to concentrate on the fun part – picking out colors and textures! We do our best to make the entire process an easy and enjoyable one.

Exterior Painting

Our residential exterior painting services start the same as our interior – with an inspection of your home’s condition. We take measurements, factor in whether it is a single or multi-story job, and then present you with a detailed budget. Our process for exterior painting is well-thought-out and has served us well through the years.

  • We replace any rotted wood both before and after power washing your home.
  • Peeling paint is hand-sanded and we prime any bare wood.
  • Single seams, joints, cracks, and windows are caulked with a surface-appropriate product.
  • Windows are masked with paper and/or plastic, and the landscape is protected with boards and drop cloths.
  • Full-strength paint or stain is applied with the appropriate application, including spraying, brushing, and rolling.
  • We do a thorough clean-up.
  • A final walk-around inspection is done to make sure you are completely satisfied with the finished job.

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A fresh coat of paint inside or outside your house can make all the difference. DuPaul Construction, with our decades of experience, can offer you expert advice on paint color choices. And we promise to get the job done right the first time! We pride ourselves in providing homeowners in Martinsburg, WV and the surrounding areas quality results and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to leave with you a newly painted home that outshines the original, adds beauty to your neighborhood, and gives every room a fresh look.

Are you ready to see how your home’s interior and exterior can be transformed with paint? Contact us today for inspiring design ideas and to learn more about the painting services we offer.

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